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HR Recruitment

We help you identify who you need, and show you how to get them

Valuable time, money and resources can be wasted by use of ineffective recruitment strategies.

We can minimise your cost-per-hire by advising you on what it takes to attract qualified applicants, giving you tips on the best recruitment strategies,  and how to make excellent hiring decisions.

How we can help

  • Developing job descriptions
  • Drafting adverts / and or advertising on your behalf
  • Reviewing current recruitment and selection procedures
  • Attending interviews
  • Creating bespoke and innovative recruitment events
  • Managing and designing the recruitment and selection process
  • Training your managers in effective recruitment practice and the importance, at each stage of the recruitment process, of diversity and the avoidance of discrimination

Recruit safely, fairly and effectively with our expert support

Latest News

Managing Flexible Furlough

Managing Flexible Furlough

Key Changes/Principles (Changes introduced in Nov 20) As we continue to find ourselves in these unprecedented times, many organisations are forced to think about their short, mid and long-term future.