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All the specialist expertise of a corporate HR Team without any of the overheads

HR Support Services UK

We can offer all of the specialist expertise of a corporate HR Team without the overheads. Specialist skills include: Organisational Development; Employee Engagement and Reward; Complex Investigations; Equality and Diversity; Team Diagnostics; Management Coaching and Development; Pitch Perfect: Presentation Skills Workshops; Settlement Agreements / Mutually Agreed Resignations and Workforce Planning

Complex Investigations

When you just don’t know what to do, just call us.

Employee Engagement and Reward

It’s always about the people! We have the skills and tools to measure these vital areas and provide innovative solutions to motivate your teams.

Equality and Diversity

We support you in going beyond legal compliance, to a culture of dignity and respect.

Management Coaching and Development

We develop your managers to effectively manage your teams via 121s, coaching and training programmes.

Organisational Development

We work with you to translate your strategy into a great workplace culture .

Pitch Perfect: Presentation Skills Workshops

We run sessions for your managers and people to improve their confidence and credibility through voice and presentation coaching.

Settlement Agreements / Mutually Agreed Resignations

We can facilitate without prejudice conversations, negotiate settlements and draft legally binding agreements.

Team Diagnostics

We are experts in helping you to build a new team or support an existing one.

Workforce Planning

We help you vision the future,create and deliver plans to support future needs.

All the specialist expertise of a corporate HR Team without any of the overheads

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